Production of a metalwork                                               Powder coloring of metal

Repair, installation and dismantling of an industrial equipment in St. Petersburg

Installation, repair and servicing of a processing and industrial equipment of different types and level of complexity and also  production of a metalwork - main activities of our company. Also we offer dismantling of the equipment of any complexity. We work in the most various industries, such as metallurgy, mechanical engineering, energy, chemical, easy and food long ago and successfully. Our company has considerable experience in installation of industrial and processing equipment of both import, and national production. The team of our highly qualified specialists will execute any order both for installation new, and on dismantling of the equipment old, will repair and will carry out a complex of works on upgrade of the operating objects to the shortest possible time and with permanently high quality.

Installation of an industrial equipment или pipeline installation require highly specialized knowledge and experience, such works need to be trusted only the professionals capable not only it is correct to collect, to connect and connect the expensive equipment and and to provide observance of necessary security measures. Our company guarantees high-quality carrying out all complex of installation works of any level of complexity using specialized stock and tools. Our workers – fixed staff of the specialists having necessary knowledge in the sphere of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, technological programming and electricians to carry out installation, installation and balancing and commissioning to the terms stipulated with the customer and in full.

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